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Chagall in Moscow, by Elena Tolstaya
Rounded Globe have just released a new title, 'Chagall in Moscow'. As always, production of this ebook would not have been possible without your support: thank you very much!

(Kindle version attached. For tablet (epub) or to read online, go to

Your collective Patreon pledges are really starting to make a difference. In recent weeks it has been possible to actually pay our artists for some of their work, thus helping them approach the prospect of new covers (see below) with a little more alacrity. We have also been joined by Vashti Z. who is now running our burgeoning social media campaign (I was going to say she has 'taken over social media' but that would give the erroneous impression that we were doing any before). In addition to an active twitter and Facebook presence, Rounded Globe now has a blog! (All links from the top right of the RG home page:

Now that the cover art and the social media are on track, it has been possible for me to dedicate more time to soliciting new contributions. But in this work I have now been joined by Christopher Donohue, and in the last few days we have added two new contributions: Marina Bianchi and Roberta Patalano, two Italian economists, will be exploring the intersection of economics and storytelling (expected release September 2016), while Susan Haack will be discussing the fetishism of science in contemporary culture in general and academic philosophy in particular (expected release: January 2017).

Meanwhile, we are moving forward with present publication plans. This time next month (December 15) we hope to release the first of Bart Schultze's two essays (on the 'New Chicago School'), and hopefully on January 15 we will release Bryn Hammond's meditation on the twelfth-century Steppe (the jewel in our crown, in my opinion).

So as 2015 draws to a close it seems safe to say that Rounded Globe is properly up and running - turning on its own axis, so to speak. That this is so is down to a lot of hard work by our production team but would not have been possible without your contributions - so, again, thank you!

Finally: we are actively seeking new content and contributions - that is, new titles and more donors. So please pass on our urls, as well as eBooks, to anyone you know who might be interested.

Have a happy late November!