Chain Story - Public - Anyone Can Add!
Hello, lovely readers (and writers)! I've decided to try something a little different this month, to attempt to get more people involved.

I'm not going to simply post one of my own stories or poems. Nope, we're all going to write one together! Chain story time.

This post is public, so anyone can come and participate. Of course there are some rules. Got to keep things in order. ;)

1. Genre is fantasy, but could slip into science fiction (sci-fantasy anyone?) or maybe even horror depending on what people write.

2. You can add to the chain story as much as you want, BUT you can't add again until someone else posts after your last addition. So, no back-to-back additions.

3. When you add to the chain story, you can only add ONE sentence. Yup, only one - this should make things more interesting. =D

4. If you have a Twitter handle, please add it to your post. Each day I will Tweet who added to the story, tagging all those who left their Twitter handles.

5. Please share this around - get as many people involved as we can! The more we have, the more entertaining and weird this story could turn out.

6. Keep it PG-13. And be nice. I reserve the right to delete/block a reply that is out of line.

7. Have fun!


UNTITLED (until we finish)

Tia set about to create more time in the day.

She climbed from window to window on her five-story brownstone gathering the clocks in each apartment and stuffing them into her sack. It was a good thing she'd already fashioned the Skin of Silence, or her neighbors would have nabbed her.



NOTE: I will update this post only once per day with all of the additions to the chain story. So please make sure to read the comments before you post so you're continuing from the people who posted before you.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts