Chakra Energy Report for January 9th-15th 2017

Chakra Energy Report for January 9th-15th 2017

Root- In order to survive this week, we are going to need to let loose and have some fun. We are going to have to transform how we see the world. We seem to be more open to the spirituality of the world when we were younger. Perhaps it is because of the pressures of this world we're not yet put Upon Our tiny shoulders.

 Without burdens to bear we were still in energy of the Divine Light, buoyant, and carefree. We could hear things others could not. Maybe even see things. Some of us kept this with us as we were raised to accept these gifts as our truth. Others were raised to believe that this was only a part of their imagination and soon stopped believing it's to be their truth.

This causes conflict for either. It is a burden to bear on both ends. Those who believe, are often thought of as crazy and those who don't, will never know their life's true purpose. They will never question the validity of what they've been told. Then there are those Stuck in the Middle. Those who have forgotten what they once knew to be true but once I believe that there is something more to life than working and struggling to provide just so that they can feed their bodies but not their souls.

Sacral- In order to nurture ourselves we must find creative Outlets to manifest are life's true purpose. Yes, your life's purpose. Some have many life purposes. Not just one. Your life's purpose can just be to love and nurture your children. Maybe that is all you need to fulfill your life but what happens when the proverbial Nest is empty? You will likely find another way to manifest your next purpose.

Maybe you have a story to tell and you share it with others. Maybe you have gained much knowledge and wish to pass this wisdom down before you leave this Earthly plane. Whatever it is, there is a purpose for you here. You just need to get creative with your work. Keep at it and soon you will find that the seeds that you have planted are growing into beautiful plants, bearing fresh fruit.

Solar Plexus- to take back our personal power we are going to need to clear out our closets. Personal possessions hold much power over us. You may feel that you cannot get rid of something. You must ask yourself what attachment do you have to this particular item. Is it a memory? If the item was gone do you think that the memory would go to? 

Possessions hold too much value for you. Money holds the power. Which is silly. Money isn't even a person. How can it have power over you and your decisions? Because you say it does. Whenever you say " I can't because I don't have enough money" you are making the choice to limit yourself. You will always be financially supported. Do not short change yourself.

Heart- In order to find the love that which you are seeking you need to connect with others. They helped in revealing our true nature. Our divine nature. The Light Within. Sometimes, they can reveal the darker sides of ourselves.

This is our human nature. Fears can show up and disconnect Us From Love, from source. Where there is fear, there is the absence of love. Love Is The Light Within us all.

We connect to experience the light of ourselves and to heal the darker side which likes to hide and slink in the shadows. Always afraid of what others will think if we reveal all of Who We Are.

You will find that in our closets we have many hats. We wear these hats to transform us into different people. Different personalities. One Soul with many faces. The masks always have a way of falling off, though. One by one until the only thing left is your Divine true nature. The light of your soul shining bright like a twinkling star in the night sky.

You have always been that star. You just kept your sparkle hidden, for fear that once you've been discovered people will laugh and Point At You.  now that you shine bright up in the Sky, you see that they are in all of you. They gaze upon you literally, Starstruck by your beauty. Your fears unfounded. Which only makes your light shine brighter. Your light helps others find their own light.

Throat-  Now that you have found your truth you will Express Your Divine truth to others. Eager to share and expand your light.

Like a light of a candle being passed on to light another candle. You spread your light connecting those who would otherwise feel they had no real connection with the world. You are going to change the world. One light at a time.

What this basically means is by you helping one person discover they're like you're helping millions of people. Because the one person that you have helped will then help another and so on and so forth as that pattern continues.

Third Eye- you must have complete and udder trust to see this through. We must know that our light will shine on even in the daytime, when many are blind to the luster of our Sparkle. Do not Dull Your Sparkle So that others can see you. Those who were meant to see you will see you.

You have the love of yourself. No one can ever take that from you. You can, however, give it away.

Expand your circle of trust. Left fun and magical, miraculous, things happen as you see things through the eyes of spirit. if change comes then it is happening for you and not to you. It is meant to help you expand your light. 

Crown-  Once you have experienced your life through others you will begin to connect the dots. You will see the bigger picture. You are not separate because we are all one.

It is only through our mind thoughts that we can divide or Unite ourselves. These are the Shadows that I have been talking about. The only true enemy that we have is the one in our minds. It is ourselves.