Family and old friends gather in the failed mountain town of Valmoline to celebrate the marriage of one its sons, and to brainstorm ideas on how investment might return the village to its high tourism days. 

One by one they are quickly murdered by a hidden someone, or someones, seeking vengeance for crimes committed a generation ago. Before the first bodies are discovered, an explosion destroys the bridge into town, and all communications are lost. 

The story flips, confusingly at first, between 1997, 2017 and the post-event interrogation of the prime suspect by a criminal psychologist. 

It's an interesting story with a few good suspects, a few surprises, a lot of fear and desperation, and a body count that stacks up fast. The high energy of the action and mystery makes a nice counterpoint to the beautiful, sleepy, essentially abandoned town. And it has a really neat opening credit sequence that changes as we go along.