Challenge Rewards Picks! (Robots)
Congratulations to Guillaume Delpech, Nunzio Cafagna and Victoria (Yavi) Kosheleva, our 'Challenge Rewards Picks' for this month! Each of you will will receive the prizes delivered to your door or directly via email! We already have all your info on Patreon (names, addresses, e-mail, etc.). 

Thank you very much to ALL of guys for supporting our community on Patreon and submitting the many beautiful interpretations of our theme this month! Can't wait to see the new ones! Here's the CHALLENGE REWARDS details for the winners: 

Nunzio Cafagna wins: GRAPHIC NOVEL REWARD

  • Lùmina & Lùmina 2 (2 graphic novel)
  • Nima & Nima: The Artbook (1 graphic novel + 1 artbook)
  • Delivery will start in Summer 2017!

Victoria Kosheleva wins: DIGITAL PAINTING REWARD

  • Concept Art & Digital Painting Starter Kit (734 minutes of video-tutorials)
  • Kyle's: Megapack, Guache Set and Watercolors (300 digital brushes)

Guillaume Delpech wins: CHARACTER DESIGN REWARD

  • Character Design Masterclass & Anatomy in Action (2 artbooks)
  • 21Draw: Book One & Illustrator's Guidebook (2 artbooks)

A HUGE thanks to CtrlPaint, Masters of Anatomy, 21 Draw,TataiLab, Spaceman Project and KyleBrushes for being part of the CDChallenge journey! :D Check the Challenge Rewards section of our website to discover all the details and info about this amazing comics and resources for artists! Follow the link: Simply re-post your monthly design for the CDChallenge on Patreon as a Supporter ( ) if you want to submit your design for the Challenge Rewards selection next month!

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Think of this as chucking a coin to a street musician. You simply want to show your support for our project and that is absolutely great! All the members who decide to pledge $1 per month* here on Patreon will get:

  • THEME PREVIEW You will discover** the new Theme of the Month for CDChallenge 2 days earlier.

*hint - you can also pledge any amount you like per month

**important - the preview of the new Theme of the Month will be revealed to you here on Patreon on the 5th, each month!

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Think of this as offering a pint of beer to a friend. You want to have a deeper involvement and more decision-making power in the organisation behind the Character Design Challenge, and that is awesome! All the members who will pledge $5 per month* here on Patreon will get***:

  • SURVEY ACCESS Every month you will vote in the exclusive survey to choose the new Theme of the Month for the CDChallenge! You will access to the survey here on Patreon on the 3rd, each month! You will also discover the result 2 days earlier!
  • CHALLENGE REWARDS  The finest artworks** submitted in our monthly challenge will receive amazing rewards each month! The list of all the Challenge Rewards is HERE. The 3 designs who will receive the Challenge Rewards will also be promoted on all our social pages along with the classic Winners of the CDChallenge!

*hint - you can also pledge any amount you like per month

**important - don't forget to repost your design for the current challenge here on our Patreon page to be considered for the Challenge Rewards

***very important - don't forget to include your shipping address! So we know where to send the Challenge Rewards! ^^
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