Challenger Approaching #6 - Lycanroc
And we've finally caught up.

A lot of people tend to assume only one newcomer from any given franchise will get into a new rendition of Smash.  Thing is, that's never been the case--just in Smash 4 alone we got two fully unique Mario newcomers, and three from Fire Emblem if you count clones and DLC!  So if we're getting a decent amount of new content in the Switch version, it's very possible that we could see another double-up.

Gen 7 in particular is very well positioned to pull off more than one newcomer.  Pokémon already has the largest playable cast of any Nintendo series, and many of its characters can wield elements or abilities that are rare-to-nonexistent on the current roster.  And yet, this particular one is getting overlooked because many fans are looking at the wrong things!

But what could a playable Lycanroc even do to stand out?  That's what we're here for.

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