Challenges and Change of Direction?
Hello Patrons!

I know it's been a bit silent on my end. I have been spending a lot of time in the deep crevices of story construction with Pong. I have reached a crossroads where I need to take stock of things. 

Of primary issue is the length of time/amount of effort it would take to produce Pong. It's looking like a story that would be similar in size to Marooned - and that took me almost 6 years to complete at a time in my life where I could work on comics more than I can now. And since the writing is far from complete, my estimate is that it could take 8 years to complete. Wow, that's long. 

In addition, there are some pretty significant story issues I have not cracked. That will also take time. Meanwhile, I'm not producing anything. 

It's time to take a break from Pong and reassess that project - especially because I have come to an impasse in the writing. So the question becomes what to do instead? I have a few options.

1) Write a novellette/novel - I have a couple of prose stories I have begun. One I shared in the past (Lantoro the Red). 

2) Shift to another, existing idea that is shorter - I have a couple things that could be developed - but they are both short story type things. They wouldn't be graphic novels. 

3) Revisit Marooned in some way - a short story/side adventure. This one is tricky, because Marooned was completed - story told, everything resolved. I don't currently have any new ideas here either. 

4) Come up with something entirely new, either as a graphic novel or a comic strip type idea. I don't currently have anything here. 

At this point, I am 100% uncertain what's next. I'm going to start digging through my documents and see what sticks out. As soon as I get some clarity, I will let you know. I am very thankful for the support here, and I want to make sure I am actually producing something for you. 

Speaking of which, it is nearly time for the next postcard for those of you who support at the $5 and up level. I will be working on those soon. 

I hope to have some better clarification for you in a couple weeks. Stay tuned!