The Champ is Dead
Ali was greatness personified. He was a man that transcended everyone's expectations and limitations. He had many faults, he was not perfect, nor did he try to be. Even with all the hurdles he faced he pushed past and moved forward into greatness. He did great things. He rose above commonality and became a man of greatness. He was not just a boxer, a fighter, no. He was more than Muslim. He was more than a father. I used to watch When We Were Kings before all of my fights. It was a ritual. It inspired me for two main reasons, we can make great things happen through the force of our will, and fighting isn't that important in the grand scheme of things. Muhammad Ali inspired me throughout my life, as soon as I was old enough to become aware of him. I remember picking up a comic book, it was Ali versus Superman and I thought that this was an amazing man. R.I.P. Champ, thank you for touching my life. 

Me, We!

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