Champagne Sailing

We often wonder 

where and when

we will get to Champagne sail

Champagne sailing is 

where everything goes right 

from the sun to the moon 

from the wave to the breeze 

from the fish to the mammals 

from movement to movement

Champagne sailing is not very common 

but enough to keep us going

Night Champagne sailing is special

Night sailing is special

there sounds and movement 

sounds that that kiss you 

Not that sound of rumble of a breaking wave

not that sound of salt water turning into ice before shattering on deck

not that sound that a flying fish makes as they land on deck

or a sea bird crashing into your sails

or cry, all hands, on deck

Night sailing 

champagne night sailing 

is like great sex 

it's rhythmic 

it's gentle 

it's lasting 

it's natural

We sail across those ocean..those seas..those bays 

so we can experience 

Champagne sailing 

because we believe it’s always like that

Like life 

Champagne sailing does exists 

not just at sea 

but in my dreams

Copyright © 2015 by Jonathan Muhiudeen