Champions Series #5: Rascal

 Free Rascal mini above! (Right click and "Save image as...")

 The Rascal is an innocent looking halfling, with a penchant for causing trouble, and a not-so-mild case of kleptomania! Resourceful and agile, there are few problems she can't solve with her wits or her dagger!  

Subscribers have access to even more!  

At the Simple tier,  subscribers will get a PDF containing the character in a wide variety  of poses, including a mounted version, a seated version and an unconscious version. They'll also receive an idle version of the  character's horse and a portrait to attach to their character sheet! 

 Subscribers have access to two different versions of the PDF allowing  them to choose between the standard Kev's Lounge paper mini borders, or a  tight cut version.  

 At the Prismatic Chameleon tier, subscribers receive   all of the above, but the PDF is customisable and offers the ability to   choose the colours of all the various details, with
hundreds of  thousands of possible combinations! 

 At the Versatile Polymorpher tier, subscribers receive   all of the above, but the PDF is even more customisable, allowing users   to choose from a range of different weapons, and to pick alternative   hair styles!


Subscribers can get the files at the links below:
Tier 1 (Simple)
Tier 2 (Prismatic Chameleon)
Tier 3 (Versatile Polymorpher)

 You might also want to have a look at the previous Champion,  as well the Champion that followed!   

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