Chancellor Wyrd
 Chancellor Wyrd is the current leading sorceror in Happenstance.  Essentially he leads the charge in protecting the Earth against mystic threats, alongside a collective of upper eschelon sorcerers and wizards of the organization Magusty.

With magic being somewhat commonplace in Happenstance, it's easy for people to take it for granted that they know what magic is (i.e. in high school kids can take a course to learn illumination or other super simple spells).  What isn't known is the simultaneous worlds that persist directly throughout reality in an infinite cross section of layers.  The full existence of demons aren't widely known, or any of the other nightmarish dimensions that lay beyond the limited color-spectrum of light we can perceive.

Unlike other wizards  who have a calm and wise demeanor, signifying a greater intelligence and understanding ... Wyrd generally comes across as gruff and irritable.  It's understandable, though, with the sheer number threats out there.  Wyrd is very much concerned primarily with keeping civilization alive, and leaving matters of society politeness to the hands of others.

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