Change episode labels to "episode x.x"?

I'm thinking of changing how I label episodes to be easier to read. 

Currently they are labeled "vol. XX ep. XX" within the series text. However, in the emails, they're shortened to "vXX eXX" ...

Originally, I organized PAX into 12 volumes for Parts One and Two. I planned to send out one volume (of 4 episodes) per month over the 12 months in a year. 

With Patreon, the volumes become less relevant because the weekly episodes are delivered continuously without gaps.

So... A "best of both" solution is the third option here, which leaves the volume number in the mix, but still reads quickly as an episode number.

I'm going to pull the trigger on using "episode x.x" sytax in all text and emails as of December 1, unless I get a bunch votes here for keeping it the other way!

<3 AMV

Which do you prefer?

vol. 01 ep. 01

v01 e01

episode 1.1

2 votes total
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