A change for the stream and Patreon
Hello everyone,

I would like to start by telling you all thank you for supporting this Patreon.  We started it to make a bad situation into a good one and it worked.  I've enjoyed making more Cooking with Frag content along with you guys each month and I hope to continue doing so in the future.

The reason I am writing this post is to go over some changes in the Patreon and the stream.  I am going to be streaming 7pm - 3am PST Mon-Fri which puts me at about 2 more hours each night.  Because of this change, I've had to shift my focus from off stream casts and also make sure I'm not overwhelming myself with extra tasks.  This means that there will no longer be a cosplay day or suggested game day.

I really enjoyed Cosplay day but the amount of time that was put into planning out the characters, preparing and ordering costumes was taking away from the stream.  Creating the back story for the character and the personality traits were two things that we put  A LOT of time into.  My focus going into 2016 is putting as much of myself into the stream as I can.  

Suggested game day was great for pushing myself outside my usual comfort zone in regards to games but as time goes on, we are getting less and less suggestions.  This makes it difficult to come up with a game that would be entertaining to play while still being the most suggested.  The suggestion link is still open, you can still suggest games at any time, the only change is there won't be an assigned day to play a suggested game.

As of right now, there are not any plans to add more to the Patreon in the future.  The main focus for me is to make sure that I am providing the community with an entertaining broadcast for 40 hours a week.  

I appreciate anyone who continues to support the Patreon and I will keep everyone updated on the thoughts I have on it.