A change in direction
I haven't made a post in awhile as I haven't really been sure on my decision to move the project over to another gamemode.

I wanted to use my own gamemode base as I didn't like what DarkRP had become, I wanted something fresh to work from.

As I got further into development I realized I wasn't capable of making the entire gamemode with all the features everyone wanted by myself.

Back in the day there was a gamemode called LiquidRP which was a modification of DarkRP. It added skills, crafting, mining, inventory, trading, & some other roleplay elements to the gamemode.

I've decided to use the old LiquidRP gamemode as a base for our new roleplay server. I'm planning on updating this gamemode heavily and making it more of a "serious" roleplay gamemode.

So far I've done some work with fixing up the gamemode, modified the crafting system a bit, did some visual work, made droppable items sellable, and started working on an economy system.

This gamemode will be released much quicker than CryRP would have been.

For now I have the server completely open with absolutely no whitelist or benefits for Patreon members. This will change in the near future once I finalize where I'm going with the server.

Until then know that your patronage will not be ignored or forgotten, you will be rewarded for helping us in our early stages of development.

Server IP: