A Change in Terms
I have a somewhat uneasy relationship with Patreon, for reasons I won't go into in great detail right this second. But one thing I keep wishing is that more people could read the stories I've posted. I mean, I'm in it for the money, sure, but I'm also in it to be read. By people! Who like stories! So I'm planning a change to how I run my Patreon from now on. Instead of my stories being locked for patrons only, I'm going to post them publicly so anyone can read – even if they're not paying me anything. It's likely I'll cross-post stories both on Patreon and on my own website. I'd also like to retroactively make the first two stories available to the public, while I'm at it. If any of you are uncomfortable with this, feel like you're not getting value for your money, or otherwise want to take this opportunity to rework your pledge amount (or to choose not to pledge at all!) then please do so. And if you'd like a refund of your prior payments, let me know and I'll happily send those along to you right away. And no hard feelings, really! This is a pretty big change in how I'm running things, and it's definitely not what you signed up for. We're cool if you decide now is a good time to bow out. Thanks so much for staying with me this far. It's such an amazing feeling to have people who believe in you like this! --Andrea