Change is Inevitable
Okay so yes, that subject is a horrible, horrible pun.

I knew that The Delta Project would be difficult to get off the ground, I was hoping people's enjoyment of Kaerwyn and my TF art would kind naturally boost the numbers, but it's not happening.  So, yes, change is inevitable.

I know that we won't really be able to get this project rolling until we get this first issue finished. And since my comic issues tend to be 50-80 pages long, this once a month stuff isn't going to work.  However, the only way I can update more than once a month is for TDP to take over commission slots when it comes to money.  Regardless of how I feel, bills must be paid.  And right now I'm just barely breaking even - not enough to stress me out and drop this altogether, but enough that I can't give TDP any extra time to work on it.  (The other consideration is overworking my drawing arm with commissions /and/ another comic. I can't really afford to get RSI or similar problems).

Let me get to the point.  TDP's main focus will still be the comics.  When we get the ball rolling, I still intend to take people's story submissions and the selected ones will become comics that are crowdfunded. This has not and will not change.  However, I need more than just the comic pages to get people donating.

So I'm going to make TDP a Transformation Art Resource.  I hope to be able to post Pose References, Tutorials, Anatomy Guides, really whatever I can think of.  This is going to be a work in progress because churning out consistent information is required and I'm well aware that I might have difficulty with this.  So I can't make any long term promises. I already know I'm going to have trouble coming up with new ideas for things - so I will need your input.

I also intend to post previews of my TF art/commissions here. Mostly it will be commissions. I can't guarantee how many I have per week because I don't always get TF art commission requests. But any that I do get will be posted here first.

If  you guys have any ideas of what I should offer or how to offer it, I'm all ears.  Right now my plan is to try to put out the above (refs,  tuts, etc) at least once a month.  I'd like to make it once a week.  But I need to be realistic about the amount of time it will take so I'm going to start slow.

I have had some people ask about TF Stories.  You have to understand that writing is not my forte.  I actually don't believe I'm very good at it. Sure I can tell you a story in comic format, but actually written work is not my thing. But if people want my input on stories, I can try to give that as well.

Anyway I wanted to get this out before the end of the month so you have time to decide what you'd like to do with your subscription (in case you want to cancel before it rolls over and charges you for another month).

Thanks again for all your support. I know I haven't been able to get anything out in a couple of months, but the current sub amount is making it difficult.