Change Log: Beach Update (Patch 0.3.123)

0.3.122: Feb 1 2021:

Welcome to the first big patch of 2021! The Beach release!  
New Location: Beach 

  • All players now will start in the level 1 zone of the game, the beach.   
  • The beach is the first normal zone in the game to have monsters!
  • Preview the main story quest and meet Ravril one of the main characters.
  • Explore three new sub-maps, including: The Lighthouse Interior, Ravril's Shipwreck, and the Tidal Cave.
  • Fight 5 new monsters, including: crabs, slimes, rats, bees and battle crabs.  

New Feature: Battle Potions 

  • Use [Healing Potions] in battle to heal yourself when you are about to die. 
  • Potions in battle have a 45 second cooldown. 
  • The Healing Potion icon shows the quantity of potions available in your inventory. If you have none, you won't be able to use the button.
  • Potions are now a self only item.  
  • Remember, you may also eat food out of battle as normal.  
  • In the future the Potion button in battle will be expanded into a menu allowing you to select any battle usable item.

Battle Improvements

  • All abilities in battle now have icon buttons and cooldown radials.
  • This allows you to know exactly when an ability can be hit again, instead of spamming buttons not understanding the timing frequency.

New Repeatable Turn In: Healing Coral 

  • Since Healing Potions are going to be needed and are finite in quantity, we have added a new daily turn-in to create a new Healing Potion each day. 
  • Every day 8 Healing Coral nodes respawn at 0 UTC (7pm EST), and may be looted by each player (no fighting over the nodes). 
  • These Healing Coral nodes are found within the Tidal Cave on the far end of the Beach. Be careful, its full of hard battle crabs. A party is recommended! 
  • Turning in 5 Healing Corals will allow the Witch Norana to brew you a Healing Potion.  
  • The Witch's House in the middle of the Domhan Forest has now been opened, and you will find Witch Norana within.  Witch Sprite drawn by Sharcc!

Misc Changes 

  • Drop rate of the Beach Crab pet has been decreased from 1/1000 to 1 /1500. 
  • The far end of the Beach map has been opened up allowing access to the Tidal Cave. 
  • All players now spawn in the Lighthouse and must experience the main story quest.  -
  • "Welcome to Aethoria" quest on the docks in the Outpost has been removed.  
  • Elliot the NPC in town that told players of the early access for Patreons has moved to the entrance to the Meadows (from the beach) and now informs players that the rest of the game is in early-access and has no monsters yet.  
  • Entrance to Winter Fest has vanished.  
  • Stolen Presents have vanished from all players inventories.

0.3.123: Feb 3 2021:

Misc Changes 

  • A new telepad has been added outside of Witch Narona's house in the Domhan Forest. This should make turning in the Healing Coral quest a bit easier.  
  • Broken Crab claws weight has been reduced to 1 from 2.  
  • A Patron in the Honey Brew Meadery has been edited to now hint towards the amulet quest in the wolf den cave below the meadery.  

Bug Fixes

  • You should now be able to turn in the Crab meat quest to Dizcus.  
  • Battle Icons should no longer have random borders around them.  
  • Battle Icons should no longer make other buttons stop functioning (such as in the cooking menu).  
  • Anom the Dizwin Merchant outside of the Lighthouse now properly has his traveling sack over his shoulder.  
  • The Tidal Cave's back exit now has an exit arrow on it, so more players should hopefully realize they can go to a hidden lagoon beach area with even more coral to loot daily. 
  • The Trade menu should now properly show your weight in the lower right corner.


February 2021 Limited Edition Funding Pet 
Meet Cupo the Goblin Cupid Pet 
Cupo has a rough history, being a goblin he wasn't exactly welcome in the parthenon. But try as he might, he was able to over come his history and became a notable cupid, being the top of his class. Sadly, he was rejected from moving on to the upper classes, and instead is eager to explore the world by your side.  Adopt Cupo today and have your very own Goblin Cupid!  Pledge at least $10 or more this month to unlock Cupo!
Sprite drawn by iClaimThisName!

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