Change of Translator

ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting next month, I'll be passing this project to DOGE, the translator of The Silly Alchemist  and she'll (yes, a she) be maintaining the minimum release rate at 6  per week. I'll set the minimum at 6 a week as well for my remaining 2  weeks.

I'm incredibly grateful that you've read all the way to c858, since I  started at c231. You're awesome! I've been struggling to keep the  project going while making ends meet. It's a difficult decision to let  this project go, having managed it for almost 2 years. I gotta get used  to this! If you wanna help out DOGE with this project, pledge $3 monthly  on Patreon today!


Note: same Patreon page, same website, same editor. I might even be talking to you all here from time to time!

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