Change of plans
I will finish putting together Lewi Act 1. I have found another printer that I can work with.

Future books I'm not sure about. We'll see how I feel after all this. 

I do feel truly awful about how I behaved the last time though. Something i need to remind myself of constantly - people who you only work with on occasion can only go on the few interactions you have with them. it doesn't matter what shit is going on in your life or how badly you feel about a thing, if you lash out at someone that is what they will remember. 

I cant undo what I did but I can try my hardest to keep moving on and prevent making the same mistake.

Im hurting a lot right now and I only have myself to blame. But I need to show myself the same patience and forgiveness that I show others, and understand that nobody else is under any obligation to do the same.