A change on the plugins presentation
This time, there is no new plugin. Instead I’m here to announce a change on how I will present the plugins from now on. Instead of a small demonstration video, I will make a small video tutorial to intruduce the basic functions of the plugins. So the demonstration video will also be a tutorial on how to use the plugin. I belive that this will make most people happy, since the instructions sometimes have too much info, info that people might not need at first. So with a small guide I hope to make easier to use the plugins. I will also update the already released plugins with tutorial videos, although it might take some time until I have all of them done.

Besides that, I have two plugins almost done (one of wich was the one I mentioned on the Activity Feed for the patrons) and they will be posted (at last this is what I hope) until the weekend!

Plugins Updated:
– Mix Actions and Command Replace compatibility between them both (now you can assign a Mix Command as a command replace)