Change to upfront charge
Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, I recently had to make the tough decision to switch the payment system to an upfront charge. This is due to several instances of fake pledges being made with fraudulent payment details in an attempt to game the system, and probably just basic trolling.

What this means for everyone else is that when you enter a new pledge into the system, your first charge will be on the day you start, as opposed to the usual first of next month.

Please keep in mind that if you start a pledge near the end of the month, the system would also process another payment at the start of the next month. I would rather folks wait until after the 6th of the month or so to start their pledges to avoid any inconvenience on your part, since Patreon charges monthly anywhere from the 1st through 5th in unusual cases. If you wish to start during the month anyway, I would be more than happy to personally note which month you started in, and treat any rewards as having started in the month the pledge was made.

Anyone who already has a pledge in the system will continue as normal, and won't be affected. This change only affects new patrons.

Thanks again everyone!


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