Change to the Sci-Fi Movie Podcast Recording Schedule

Hey, it's Rem here from the Sci-Fi Movie Podcast.

This is a quick update on our recording schedule. Beginning today, and for the rest of 2015, we are changing to a one show per month schedule.

Why once per month?

Right now, I'm really struggling with having enough time. We get a show out every week that sounds good, but I'd like to be better at show notes, social media, and responding to your emails and Facebook messages. We'd like to have more guest hosts and and there are dozens of things I want to do around the podcast, like a Newsletter, Round table show with other podcasters, an audio book, and release of our smack down series and out takes. 

Now, since you're a Patron and supporting the show financially, I'll understand if you discontinue supporting us.  I hope you'll stay, but I'll understand if you leave.

Since we're only doing  6 Podcasts for the rest of the year, we want you to pick the movies we talk about!

We've posted a poll and we want you to vote on and determine the movies we discuss for the rest of the year.

The poll is at:

Please visit and vote for the movies you'd like us to talk about.  This your chance to drive the show, have at it!

If you have thoughts, comments, suggestions, email me at:

[email protected]

Here' how it's going to work...

Regarding our recording times, we'll record episodes at the middle of the month and release them at the first of the next month, so that way you know when to expect them.

That movie will then be removed from the poll and you can keep voting on the others, so you'll have input on our movie choice right to the end of the year.

To re-iterate, we doing this for 6 months, til the end of 2015. Come 2016, we'll revisit our schedule and if the smoke has cleared sufficiently, we'll looking at going back to a regular weekly schedule.

Thank you for your understanding, thank you for listening, and I look forward to talking with you at the beginning of July as we discuss 'The Iron Giant' on the Sci-Fi Movie Podcast.




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