Change Up!
Hi everyone! (Also shout out to Cody Cobbs for becoming the most recent Patron! <3) 

So, as many of you know, I think I've decided NOT to stream RPG's. At least, not unless they are brand new. 

RPG's will be reserved as recorded content. I enjoy them best that way, and I think you guys do too. I wouldn't be able to bring the same level of commentary and cool things if we were doing those walkthroughs live. 

SO! That means streams will be reserved for Blizzard games, Pokemon, shorter story games like Sly Cooper or Bioshock, and new releases. 

That means we won't be doing Star Ocean live - but you guys will now have access to TWO POLLS! One will be what story based game we stream next, and the other will be what RPG we record next. (If you are a $3 patron). 

I hope this is all okay with you guys - I know you voted for Star Ocean.

Thanks for the continued support! I love you all.

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