Change. (Update)
When I first had the thought to create a Patreon I had very specific ideas on how it would work. I spent a couple months planning and putting it together. Finally I felt happy with it and decided to go live with it. I didn't really publicize it on my channel since I wanted to do a test run with the few people on discord and twitter. It seemed to be fine but just 2 days afterwards the news about Patreon's change was out. It was confusing. I didn't really know how to feel. I didn't have the experience that others did with this site. I didn't know what the payout was prior. But after researching it's very clear to me that it is not a positive thing for the patrons. It doesn't support those that can't afford more than a couple dollars and doesn't support smaller creators who are not actively making thousands of dollars a month. It's leaving them behind and that saddens me. Because of the changes it's kind of put my entire campaign into perspective. I'm not worth it. I'm really not. I already wasn't comfortable with asking for money but the prices and rewards per tier were outrageous. Not worth it. I wouldn't pay for it and I don't expect you to. So I changed those tiers and gotten rid of a few. The $1 ($1.38 now with the fee changes) tier is the main focus for digital rewards. You never have to pay more than that for those. I put the physical reward tier a dollar less to help balance out the fee changes. I would like to make it less but I simply can't afford to at this moment. Considering that I already bought everything to send out. A bad decision on my part but the deed is done. I want you to know that I really care about this. It means the world to me that anyone would even think to support me in this way. I just want to entertain people in my own way. With my passions. Share my interests. I LOVE what I do. I don't want to stop. I don't plan on stopping. You guys have helped me so much this year in ways that I can't explain. I owe so much to you. Now I'm rambling. As per usual. 

Just know that I'm not happy with the changes that Patreon is doing but I am glad that it helped me realize that this isn't about me. It's about you. Thank you.