Change your lunge into an advance to surprise your opponent & win the touch!
Hi everyone!

Are you tired of missing your attacks because your opponent backs up out of distance every time you lunge?

In the video above, I will teach you some fancy footwork to make sure your attacks land on target and don't fall short! Although you will see me fencing saber in this video, this move is also very effective in foil and epee fencing as well.

Here is how the move works. You start your lunge to make your opponent feel safe with their distance. Then surprise them by changing your lunge into an advance lunge at the last moment. I explain the trick to making the transition from lunge to advance smoothly in the video above. 

This is a footwork trick that I learned from watching a bout between Nikolai Kovalev and Aaron Szilagyi in the 2012 Olympics.  It has helped my students and I get the winning touch and I know it will do the same for you! 

Please comment below if you have any questions, or if there is anything else I can do to help you accomplish your fencing goals!


Coach Tyler

***You get a prize for reading until the end!***

Click Here to watch the amazing 2012 Olympic bout between Nikolai Kovalev and Aaron Szilagyi, that inspired me to use and share this cool footwork trick!

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