Changed milestone goals
Hi all. When I set up my Patreon account, it made sense to ask for monthly pledges rather than pledges per-work, as my output varies. (For example, I was down with the flu for a good two weeks this month, so have done only one photo shoot and less writing than usual.) So when I was thinking of things I needed to buy for my photography business, I initially figured the total cost and divided it by twelve. But then I realized it would take a whole year of steady funding to be able to afford anything, and I didn't know how many patrons I could get.

So I set up my milestone goals with the total amount listed as a monthly amount; i.e., $60 a month to buy business cards rather than $5 a month (5 x 12 = 60). But I've now made enough to actually afford the cards, so it doesn't make sense to still list it as a goal. I changed that milestone to a lower amount to mark it as accomplished. I also reduced the amount needed for hard disk storage (a priority) and my photo book (much lower priority). A new lens and camera will cost thousands of dollars, so I've left those as stretch goals. I also removed the Zenfolio annual membership fee from my goals entirely awhile ago, as I feel that should be funded by my Zenfolio sales, not from my creative commons work.

Hope all this makes sense! Thanks for enabling me to buy those business cards, which I'll order shortly. And hopefully next month I'll have more new photography to share!