Changed Recording Time
Programming note for all of our fans. We're recording quite late this week. Occasionally these things called "full time jobs" take us away for the work week. So our selection for the beer of the day will be as late as Friday. 
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The First Sip
$1 or more per month 2 patrons
Holy cow, thanks so much for supporting us! At this tier we'll start giving you some premium behind-the-scenes content
  • Know the beer of the day several days before the episode goes live. Pick one up and experience it with us!
  • Access to the MiYM live stream on YouTube! It's rough, but that's the way we love it

The Taster
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Now we know you're in it for the real fun! This tier shows off the raw, uncensored James and Cory. Want a peak behind the scenes? Everything in the previous tiers, and these extras.
  • A longer live stream. We have the cameras rolling well before the actual show starts, and we'll interact with the chat to help make the show better
  • Access to the inner workings and thoughts newsletter about how we grow the show, reach more people, and generally get better 
The Full Pint
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Access to everything in the previous two tiers, plus a few fun extras
  • Watching the live stream? Submit a name for the show! If it's clever enough, we're darn sure we'll choose it
  • Your name on our website as an official backer
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Access to all of the previous tiers, plus some things that really help make the show better by communicating with us directly.
  • Access to the Malts in Your Mouth slack channel! Help us plan the show and keep the beers rollin'
  • Monthly Patron video hangout right before we record, so you can ask us questions, relax, and share a beer before we begin recording
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