Changeling Tale FAQ

When will Changeling Tale be released?

Originally we thought Changeling Tale would be a much smaller project that we might expand on, if it were well-received.  Well we are happy to say that due to all the support the game has gotten, it has grown quite a bit in scope!
Because of this, and because we want our patrons to enjoy what we make as we make it, game chapters are currently being released as they are finished, typically every 2-3 months. This serialized format also allows patrons to decide which chapters they would like to see next, while allowing our development team to share our progress as we go.
Our estimate for full completion of the main, original portion of the game is mid-2021.  As for when the game will be 100% finished, it's hard to say, since it depends on the size of the team we are able to support.  But the scope of the game is now fixed and finalized, and we've visualized our progress, which you can view here!

Is there a playable demo?

Yes!  Links to the most current PC, Mac, Linux & Android demo and early access builds are at the top of the front page and on  

Is this your full-time job?

Yes it is, and I'm extremely thankful for it!  I do the coding, editing, sprite choreography, inking, coloring and background work.  We also have three other part-time team members who contribute the music, writing, sketches and concept art.

What engine are you using?

Changeling Tale is built with Ren'Py.

 Is there an Android version?

Ren'Py doesn't guarantee that all game components will function on Android, but we have done our best to make a functional build.  Installing it on your mobile device requires some Android knowledge, and the instructions are available on

Is Changeling Tale censored?

Changeling Tale is a romance game and features explicit sex scenes and adult situations.  The version being posted here and at is not censored, although it has an in-game "SFW mode" option that can be toggled on or off. 

Are you considering any alternatives to Patreon?

At the moment we have no plans to migrate, but we are monitoring evolving policies and keeping our options open.  Should Changeling Tale ever need to move, we will let everyone know where we go!

What happens after Changeling Tale is complete?

This Patreon is dedicated to creating TF-focused games, so when Changeling Tale is complete, a new game will already be underway!  This means new funding goals and new rewards, but don't worry; we will give everyone ample heads up in case they want to bow out or change their pledge.

 Can I change my tier?

Of course!  We appreciate any support you can offer.

How can I participate in the game's development?

We periodically send out polls & posts soliciting the patrons to help guide the game.  Feedback on the project Discord is also welcome!  Finally, there are some tier rewards that let your character appear in the game.  Slots are limited & conditions may apply, so please reach out before pledging to these tiers! (EDIT: all character slots are currently filled!)

How can I keep up with development?

In additions to the posts here, you can join the conversation in the Changeling Tale Discord channel, and you can watch me stream game art creation on Picarto!  Beware—there may be spoilers!

Why did you decide to create Changeling Tale?

Transformation themes and Visual Novels seemed like a natural fit, and the idea for the game quickly followed.  Since Little Librarian and I had the means and the time to make it happen, we decided to make the idea into a reality!

Why is the game set in 1919 Rural Scotland?

Celtic mythology is a great basis for any TF story, and setting the game in a remote location at a time when many men were still overseas helps justify the "harem situation."  It's also modern enough to be relatable, while not too far removed from a time when people gave credence to the myths.

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