You might have noticed that today the rewards tiers changed. I'm constantly reviewing and tweaking things to bring what I believe is awesome content to every tier, and I believe the balance is finally good. :) (As always, you guys are welcome to pm me or comment with suggestions!)

Since the timing for the Yokohama Cafe was a little off this month, let's do a stream of climbing Mt. Fuji! Expect a short stream Wednesday the 23rd sometime around 8pm EST, (I'll update the day of with a specific time, so keep an eye out!), at the base of Fuji just to say hello, and then potentially another short stream from the summit if my cell data cooperates. 

Also mail call for this month will be mailed FROM the top of Mt. Fuji! There's a post office there! Wow! 

September's live stream will be from Tokyo Game Show, so Friday the 22nd. Exact time to be determined, because they haven't released the schedule of events yet and obviously y'all wanna see the FFXIV stuff but recording there can be...challenging. >.> 

Yay! Exciting new things! Thanks everyone <3