So, we have made some changes to the Patreon. Some of the rewards have been adjusted and some language has been changed to reflect that we don't do the podcast anymore. We also re-wrote the main message on our page to simplify our message. 

There have also been changes that you cannot see. We have been adjusting how we view our YouTube content and how it is received by our fans. Looking back at our progress over the last 3 years it's incredible to see how much we have learned about producing content for an audience. 

As a next step in our education we have learned to adjust our entire mental strategy. We approach our video production now with a level of professionalism we have not yet reached. We are striving to do better all the time. We are not content to just give you the bare minimum in quality. Just good enough is not good enough. Not anymore.

Change has come. More change is on it's way.