Hello you Spooktacular Executive Producers! We've been making some changes here at Patreon. After 2.5 years, we took a step back to survey our goals and where we thought we would be on this journey at this point. You have all been so generous to us and we love that you believe in us enough to part with your hard earned dollars. It has been hard to not follow the path of every other successful podcast out there and clutter our art with ads. We've always envisioned placing ads in our podcast as though we were throwing a bucket of paint on a beautiful mural we had created. And frankly, we wouldn't feel right asking you all to donate if we were running ads.

When we sat down to figure out goal levels when we first started with Patreon 2.5 years ago, we thought that offering to do more episodes when we reached certain levels would get people interested in donating. As we looked back on that decision and then looked at the output of other podcasts similar to ours, we began to wonder if we were producing so many episodes each month, that listeners didn't really want or need more. You know, the old law of Supply and Demand.  If something isn't working, you need to shift gears. So we deleted all our goals and replaced them with just two simple ones. We still hope to some day reach a place where the podcast is our full-time job at $4,000 a month, which covers our bills and all the podcast overhead (production, marketing, storage, equipment, etc.) The other is $10,000 a month, which is a number we just threw out without any number crunching that we figured would allow us to do live shows, rent out venues for meet-ups and put together an annual convention.

We have decided to add another support tier at $2 a month with the added reward of private videos featuring us at historic locations, abandoned places, cemeteries, haunts, etc. For those of you at the $2 level right now, you may have to delete your pledge and then next month, sign up again at this level to ensure you unlock the tier. We're not sure how it works on Patreon's end, but we want to make sure you get your rewards. You could wait until we post a video and then if you can't access it, you'll know what to do.

We have been so busy with our real jobs and trying to produce 7 free episodes a month, that the bonus content gets pushed to the back burner and is almost an afterthought and we don't want that. We should be taking care of you guys first, which is why we are going to try our best to produce 4 bonus episodes a month for those of you at $5 and above a month. To facilitate that and because we have realized that our dream of doing this full-time is a long way off, we will only be producing 5 episodes a month in the public feed from now on. We really can't justify sacrificing all of our free time and ability to pursue other projects (like writing books) after 2.5 years of making a go at getting to full-time with this and falling very short.

While we have a steady stream of new Executive Producers, what people don't see is how many delete their pledges each month and how many pledges are declined each month because of a card or PayPal issue. Most months, we have about $120 in declines. And there are a very few who sign up, grab all the content, the feed link and delete their pledge after just a month. It can be frustrating, which is why we made the tough decision to back off of production.

We know that you guys can't give to every podcast or creator that you enjoy and we are so thankful that you have chosen us as one of the creators you support. We will be announcing all of these changes on our upcoming 200th episode, but we wanted you all to know about these changes first because you are the Executive Producers. You all rock and we are immensely grateful! Thank you from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet! Keep it spooky!