Changes, annoyances and important information
So you guys might have noticed that I have been less active than usual in this last month. This is partially due to Xmas/New Years stuff and partially due to getting close to 1.0.

Sadly that's not all it was, I also ran into an annoying problem that has taken up more of my time than I would have liked. Before Christmas I received a letter from Zynga. For those of you who don't know, Zynga is a multi-million dollar company behind 'Farmville' a very successful farming simulator game.

Usually it's nice to be recognized. This was not one of those times. The letter was a long, annoying and arduous read but the important information was this:

" The use of the ‘Ville suffix in connection with the Infringing Game is likely to dilute and to cause confusion with Zynga’s ‘VILLE Family of Trademarks.  For example, consumers who encounter the Infringing Game are likely to believe – falsely – that the Infringing Game is published, sponsored or endorsed by, or otherwise associated with, Zynga.  Furthermore, the use of a ‘VILLE-formative mark in connection with an explicitly sexual game is likely to tarnish the reputation of Zynga’s famous ‘VILLE Family of Trademarks.  Accordingly, the Infringing Game violates Zynga’s trademark rights. "

So apparently now the 'ville suffix is something that is so unique that it's a copyright infringement to use. I am wondering if Nashville and Smallville (as well as several real-life US towns) received similar e-mails but I have no way of knowing. Also, of course sex is evil and having dicks and vaginas in something that shares a suffix with your game tarnishes reputation because of course little Timmy will accidentally download Hornsville instead of Farmville and become a depraved sex maniac within seconds.

Anyway, long story short: I was quite angry about this for a long while and it actually made working on the project hard. In the end however, this project is more than a name and I accomplish nothing by getting mad at some faceless bureaucratic entity.
I have neither the time nor the resources to fight a company like Zynga over this and anything I did would just take time away from actually developing the game. So I decided to suck it up and change the name to suit the whims of the corporate overlords.

Starting from the next update the game's name will be changed to Hard Times in Hornstown.

What will this mean for the project?
The game will be renamed 'Hard Times in Hornstown' and the main website for the game will become . The Patreon website will become and the TFGamesite listing will change its name as well.
I will make the old site automatically redirect visitors to the new one. Hopefully nothing else will change.

Will this affect my game, my pledges, my saves or anything like that?
No, it shouldn't. The game stays the same, only the name changes.

Will this delay the update or modify its contents in any way?
Sadly I have to delay it a bit. I have a lot of administrative stuff to go through and I still have a lot of work to do on the new scenes as well. The new for the update is the 29th of January (next Monday). The contents stay the same.

Once again, thank you for supporting my project and I hope we can go on as we have before. Having fun with the game whether it's developing it or playing it is far more important than he whole stupid affair.



PS: Feel free to ask any questions you might have about this and I haven't answered above.