Changes and Quiet
If you have visited my Patreon page, you may have noticed that the pledged amount has changed. Patreon recently updated how they display this. Instead of showing the gross amount that my patron (you!) pledge to me, they now show what I actually get. This takes into account credit card fees, Patreon's 5%, and any declined payments. 

None of my patrons have left. Thank you all so very, very much for sticking with me. I know that this last month has been a quiet for me on the creative side of life, so I appreciate that you are all still here. Some artists create every day, and that works for them. My pattern is more towards diving deep for an intensive period of time, followed by time spent doing other things. The time not actively creating is when I am filling the well, so to speak. I am thinking, experiencing, and being in the world in a way that can come out when I do sit down again to make things. 

So rest assured that your support during the quiet times is as important, probably even more so, than when I am seeming to be more supportable and share worthy. 

I usually do more photography and have started on video during breaks from painting. This is my note taking, my sketching, gathering images and experiences. The video here is one of more time lapse sunrise videos that I will do, until I can capture the very colorful days I see here. Yes, this one is quiet, like the dark season that we are in.

Happy Solstice 

May you enjoy this season with family, friends, and loved ones in Peace and Joy.