Changes coming.
Hey guys, how's everything going? As you might have known I've been having a lot of issues going on lately but I'm not giving up yet. 

That being said I'm thinking about making some changes. Changing the website, renewing the store, which has been a bit abandoned, and change the way I use Patreon. 

I lost a few Patrons during my hiatus, some due to money problems, some because they were worried I wasn't going to post anymore. This did hurt, though I understand their reasons, however it made me consider closing Patreon in general. Since Patreon was one of my main sources of income I was obsessing over it, and whenever something went wrong and I wouldn't do all the commissions, comics, sketches, tutorials and podcasts in time or a Patron would leave I'd become incredibly frustrated, self critical and fatalistic.

I also lost a few patrons because I wouldn't call them, meet them personally, send them specific photos and other things that aren't art related. It was quite infuriating seeing how they thought they could manipulate me just because they have money and I don't. 

At the end, I was just tired. I felt I simply wasn't good enough and many were just trying to buy my attention rather than support my work so I took a break to reconsider things. 

To those who were there supporting me through thick and thin just because you like what I do and want to see it continue, thank you. Sometimes I wish I believed in myself as much as you do.