Changes Coming to $4 Reward Tier
So, the private streams haven't been getting any huge attention lately... not that they ever did, plus they're kinda losing their feel now that I do weekly public streams, so... I feel a new $4 reward tier is in order! :D

Also, Steam Greenlight's been replaced with Steam Direct, so devs can now directly publish their products through Steam without having to have their stuff voted on. All that happens when you submit a project is that it will go through a brief review by Valve to ensure the program works, doesn't contain malicious code, and isn't part of some trading card scheme or whatnot. (Seriously, that was a part of the reason why they decided to axe Greenlight was because of trading card abuse!)

Thus, while it's not gonna be official yet since I'm not ready for this change, the $4 tier is going to basically provide access to free copies of GMG games while they're under development and pre-alpha/alpha/beta access keys! :D

That's the plan, anyways. To make it happen, I first need to have my first game for GMG, Luminus (soon to be renamed), at a point where there's an actual game to play. Right now, it hasn't progressed to code yet, not even behind the scenes. I'm likely still about two months away from starting on code, given the extremely slow pace of development due to working on everything else, plus once I get to actual coding it'll likely be another month or two before there's a working product that can be played to any degree. :P

But in any case, I wanted to let everyone know what my plans were with that. Plenty more interesting things to come with GMG! ;)