Changes Coming, and More Celestial Falcon!
Tonight, Lisa and I will once again appear on Chris' Dark Avenger Live  video cast talking comics and stuff. Lisa will be inking more Celestial Falcon LIVE, so tune in to see more of that! Here's the video from last Friday: 

Above are a few panels from various pages of Celestial Falcon #1 featuring three of our characters that you will get to know more about in the issue and beyond! That center panel was inked off-screen during Comic Frontline Live this week as Lisa listened in!

Speaking of Celestial Falcon, here's a snippet from this week's Patron-Only post  by Chris:

"As Brant mentioned in his post, originally I was going to do this myself and then he was going to edit it. Long story short, I liked some of his suggestions and asked him to co-write my story with me. I know he probably wants to talk about a lot of the things he contributed to the book so I’ll be brief and only mention one thing. In the first part I mentioned Celestial Falcon was not the original name of my character. I honestly couldn’t think of anything at the time so ORIGINALLY the character was called Chris Falcon ([until] I could think of a better name). Celestial came as a suggestion from Brant and it stuck SO perfectly. He came up with A LOT of good ideas and I really loved a lot of the ideas he put in. Not to say it was all peaches and cream - there were some things I was really hard-headed on keeping. One thing I must say is Brant’s been super understanding when it comes to my connection with my book and how some things I don’t want to change for whatever reason. I honestly am glad to have him with me co-writing a book that’s super close to my heart. "

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Speaking of that, we will be making some changes to this Patreon page in the near future. As we learn more about Patreon, and learn more about how we can share our content better with you all, we are reevaluating the entire process. So stay tuned here and on our social media for updates on those changes very soon. Keep an eye on the goals and rewards as well, as those will be getting a bit of a revamping very soon!

If you have ideas or suggestions for us, by all means, drop us a note in the community section, or email us and let us know. In the meantime, you can always find us posting here each and every week!

For those that celebrate, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We are thankful for all our supporters and fans, we couldn't do it without you!

Until next time, stay toasty!


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