Made a little video as seen above talking about and showing the changes and proposed changes to Steam Shovelers.

Too long didn't watch? Here is a summary

The biggest change is that we are no longer going to try to review every game released on Steam this year, as it just isn't feasible at this time due to time, money, and manpower as well as mental fortitude. 

We have had a lot of feedback from places such as NeoGAF, reddit, our Discord and so forth, and the thing we hear the most is "We want to be able to find the best games easier." So going forward we are focusing on beig selective in the games we review and trying to highlight the good ones more so. 

What this means is we are going to shoot for games that:
look like quality products or do something original or have something interesting to say or we have something interesting to say about them. This means there will be less of us reviewing obviously bad games, and thus less angry/bitter reviews. However, we still are going to make the time to review some of the more weird/hilariously bad games, because those reviews are fun.

Other changes include:

1. Reviews now have smaller images that are full screenshots, no more parallax
2. Reviews now have a trailer embedded
3. Reviews look even better on mobile
4. Video reviews are coming