Changes I'm considering for Patreon. Watcha think?
Hey patrons! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I've been thinking a lot about how I can serve you guys better here on Patreon. I even sought the input from Peter Hollens, a guy who does a lot of amazing things with his patrons through this platform. In fact, both a full podcast recording and video of our conversation will be available this Thursday on my channel to help others of who you are learning to use Patreon better with your viewers.

Based on his feedback, I'm thinking about making a few changes and really want to hear what you think. Seriously, please comment and help me shape this best for you.

1. Switching from monthly to "per creation"

Instead of having you guys support Video Creators on a flat monthly fee, Peter pointed out that there's more transparency when people support on a "per creation" basis. That way patrons only pay when they get what they signed up to support rather than blindly paying every month even if I don't publish anything. So I'm thinking about making the change to charging per creation instead of monthly. What do you think?

(Don't worry about being charged too much: you can limit how much you want to support in a month so you don't get billed for a hundreds of new trainings or something.)

In my case, a "creation" would include both videos and podcast episodes that are designed to train you on how to develop your YouTube audience and business, excluding brand sponsored content.

2. Updating rewards I offer

Many of the rewards will stay the same for their equivalent "per video" reward tier, but I'm adding a few more.

Pledge $1 per training

  • MORE NEWS STORIES: Access to my Patreon feed where I share links to additional video news stories and YouTube updates that are important, but don’t make it into my YouTube news videos.
  • Q&A PRIORITY: Higher priority to having your questions answered in YouTube Q&A videos.
  • CHANNEL REVIEW PRIORITY: Higher priority to having your channel reviewed as part of the Channel Review series on the Video Creators channel.
  • APPRECIATION: You get my deepest appreciation for your support. Video Creators only continues because it’s supported by people like you in it’s community. Thank you!

Pledge $3 or more per training

  • All previous rewards.
  • HANGOUTS: Attend a monthly private video meeting where all hangout live together and interact over Q&A. These live video meetings are private only for patrons.
  • RANDOM VIDEOS: Access to random Patreon-only videos of quick thoughts I have regarding YouTube, audience growth, and business development.
  • DISCOUNTS: Steep discounts on all new premium YouTube trainings, books and video courses for a designated period after they're first released.

Pledge $10 or more per training

  • All previous rewards
  • BUSINESS PODCAST: Get access to a monthly podcast audio download of my business manager and I discussing what we've been doing on the business side of Video Creators. Steal ideas on how to develop your own YouTube business!
  • DOWNLOADABLE BUSINESS RESOURCE: Get access to a monthly downloadable resource, template, or worksheet that my business manager creates to help you grow the business side of your YouTube channel.

Pledge $30 or more per training

[Limit to 8 people.]
  • Must support a minimum of 4 trainings per month
  • All previous rewards.
  • COACHING: Meet with Tim one-on-one for a half hour every month in a video conferencing call to evaluate your YouTube strategy performance and determine next steps for increasing growth.

3. Milestone Updates
I'm also updating my milestones because my current ones will take several years to reach. (Yes, I like to dream big! haha)
$100 per training [Done!]

Hire a video editor so I can focus more time on prepping good content.

$250 per training

We'll do a public live stream on Video Creators and give all patrons access to join the video call with their webcam/mic.

$375 per training

Upgrade my camera. My old Canon 60D overheats and shuts off at random times while shooting.

$500 per training

All current patrons get a vcTV t-shirt!

$1,000 per training

Patrons determine the US city and I'll fly there for a meetup.

How much it costs me to create a training

I really do appreciate your support because most people do not understand what it costs in time, energy, and resources to create valuable YouTube audience and business training materials. But I know you, as a creator, understand because you create the same kind of value for your own audience, so thank you for helping me be able to do that for you!

I did some rough math and it costs me approximately $300 to create and publish each video for you. For years I've been paying that myself, but as my family continues to grow (we have 6 kids now!) and we're moving out of our 900-some square foot house to get more space for the 8 of us, I really appreciate all that you guys contribute to help me serve both you and my family.

I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these changes, as well as any other ideas you have and rewards that you'd love for me to offer. Thank you so much!