Changes in the works!
So, October 14th is Springs' first anniversary! So, I'm doing some spring cleaning and housework! For one, I'm drawing a Character Bible (Patrons: You are certainly going to see the results of that!) Because there are some weird inconsistencies in my characters. Mike is getting an upgrade (As well as Martha in order to distinguish them from one another), I'm settling down DonQ and Charles (They have a band on their bodies that seems to either be there or not depending on whether I remember it or not... o.O) But the biggest thing? I'm going to go to COLOR! :D This means I've been looking through color combinations to secure a color palette (Talk about inconsistencies, imagine what would happen if I had the wrong colors every issue! ) So here we go! Full Speed into the 2015 work year! Thank you all for supporting me! :D
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