Changes on the Horizon
Daniel Solis shook loose a concern that's been growing in me, which is fair because apparently I did similar to him about his Patreon.

When I started this Patreon, I had two thoughts in mind: I needed to pay for a wedding, and people said they wanted to support my blogging. I said that I wouldn't change how I handle my blog, but a year and a half after starting this thing, I've run into a problem: I want to change things up.

I can't change how I do this and hold to what this Patreon is about—in part because the monthly donation thing won't work for what I want to do. I have Ideas and I'm forming an imprint under which I'll execute them, but they're based on little products rather than monthly blog posts. I also have things I should divert my blogging energy toward that I'm passionate about, but can't do and write 8+ posts a month at the same time.

I'm not ready to make this jump yet, but it's coming. Probably December. Until then, if you want to keep supporting that I'm making stuff, I will keep being grateful. If not, I totally understand; maybe what I'll do next will interest you. :)

Please and thank you,

- Ryan