Changes on my Patreon and on the website
As you might have noticed, provides a lot of information for MSX Games.

Currently we provide cheats, maps, faqs for over 370 titles and still expanding.

A website runs on advertisments and support.

Thanks for the current patrons who keep supporting me every month, it's much appreciated.

Though I noticed website rippers and other stuff on the website.

As we all now most of the websites stay alive with advertisments, so I've implemented several things, which might be considered drastic changes.

Downloads now go through an external website, which shows an advertisement with 5 seconds delay, before you can download the file.

AdBlock has been integrated.


If you do enjoy the website it's easy to whitelist the website, before you continue your search on

Will these features remain active forever? No, since I've created goals on my Patreon.


- $25 per month results in the removal of BlockAd on the website.

- $50 per month results in the removal of timed links with advertisment before the downloads are available.

- $75 per month results in the removal of Google Ads on the website.

Keep in mind, creating a website and maintaining it, takes lots of hours, which I'm happy to do, as you know I'm also active on Youtube by creating replays and so on.

Just like software is being developed, a website is also considered as development.

Thanks for reading and your support in advance.