Changes to the campaign!
Hi guys! As you've probably noticed, I have completely overhauled my Patreon campaign. It is now based on a month of comics, rather than being a page rate, and I've changed the goals and rewards a lot, too. In terms of what the changes mean for you, basically you'll now only be charged once a month no matter how many comics are posted, and there's much better stuff that you get for higher pledges. I think by being specific about the goals, I should be able to do more for you guys than if I stick with a general page rate campaign. There will be a comic explaining the goals a bit better added to the campaign description later on, but since the changes are already live I thought I should give you a more immediate notice so you'll have the opportunity to review the changes and if you want to, alter your pledges. Thanks for all your support guys, this Patreon thing is really helping me get back into the swing of making comics and it would be so much harder without you. -Poe
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