Changes to the System

Hey guys! I really should remember to update this more often.

So, some of you may or may not know that we've made some changes here at Final Show Films - let me tell you all about them!

First off: The Shenanicast is going away. We recorded and published it's finale this past monday, and we explained pretty thoroughly why it's going away but I'll recap it here: It was our first Podcast ever, and that fact was pretty evident just by listening to it.

We didn't know where we wanted to go with that podcast, just that we wanted to do a podcast. We've learned a lot of lessons from it, but universally decided that it was time for it to end.

Secondly: The Shenanicast will be replaced by a Tabletop review / critique show. We're going to be recording and releasing the first episode of that this coming Monday so there should be no break in our Podcasting schedule. This show, unlike the Shenanicast, we know we want to do and how we want to do it, so the focus we were lacking with the Shenanicast will be there.

Next, we're reducing the number of Two Guys One Cameras we do from Two per week to One. Making 2G1C with our limited time availability was tough but doable, but we decided that if we want to move on and expand our company further - to not just stagnate where we are currently - we needed to free up some time to do other and more interesting content. So, in an effort to provide us some more time, we decided we needed to cut that Tuesday episode. So, Thursdays only from now on.

Finally, you may have noticed some changes to the Patreon itself. We cut away a lot of our Milestone goals, trimming the fat as it were. Instead of making promises that are difficult to keep by their very nature and tying them to arbitrary dollar amounts, we decided that we only needed to have the bare minimum listed. The only milestone goals we have now are those to get myself and Uknits partially and fully employed working at Final Show Films, the amount we'll need to also afford Studio Space, and the $30 website maintenance that we met in the first month.

This also means that we're free to pursue the projects we locked off at pay gates earlier in the Patreon, which we are going to do - Know that we have three new projects currently in the pre-production phase and are working hard to get them to your eyes.

So, this was kind of a long update - I know I'm not good at keeping this thing updated, but I will make a mental note to try. Thanks for sticking with us, and I hope that the changes we've made will help make us an even better company going forward.

 Stay shining you crazy Diamonds.