Changes to Patron Rewards
Hey all! So I'm planning to change around one of the tiers of Patron rewards. Specifically, I want to change the $5 tier which gives you exclusive access to builds of all my mods. As part of teaching people how to make mods and deliver them to the public, I began feeling awkward keeping access to all of my builds behind a "paywall" (so to speak). With that in mind, I'd like to make some changes to make access to the mod builds more public while still rewarding those that support me month by month. I've already built a new prototype site for getting all of the Equivalent Exchange 3 builds ( if you haven't seen it already). In return for your support however, I've decided to put together a Patron only Minecraft server! You will need to be a Patron that has pledged (and the transaction went through) in order to get access to the Minecraft server. I haven't decided what mods (and what version of Minecraft) to install on the server, but we can figure that out in time :) We'll be setting up the new server this coming Saturday for the Patron Hangout. Should be a lot of fun! As always, much love! Pah