Changes To Patreon For 2019!

I have some important things to tell you about changes I'll be making to my Patreon for 2019. All of these changes will be in effect on January 1, 2019.

First I want you to know about a very significant change in the charging process. Starting on January 1, all new pledges will be charged up front. 

What does that mean? Simply put, if you're a new patron you'll be charged the day you become a patron. For example, if you became a patron today (12/18) you will get charged for the amount you chose today as well. You will then get charged again at the start of the next month (1/1) and continue to get charged at the start of the month from then on.

For existing patrons this doesn't change much! You'll still be getting charged at the start of the month as you have been. But if you were to change your pledge today you will get charged the difference in your pledge today. For example, if you changed from the $1 tier to the $5 you will be charged $4. If you decrease your pledge you won't be charged anything, but you won't be refunded for that month's pledge.

I hope that makes sense! I tried to explain it the best I could, and you can find an article that goes into much further detail here.

I will also be changing some things for the $1 and $5 tiers! Starting January 1, all $1+ patrons will get next page access, and all $5+ patrons will be getting full buffer access.

Right now to get early access to the comic you have to be a $5+ patron. I want to be able to give more to the $1 tier! So I've decided to also give early access to $1 patrons, but not to the same extent as $5 patrons.

Now what does THAT mean? 

Here's an example:

In this example, the current newest page available publicly is 5-1. $1+ patrons will now have next page access. So in the example here, when page 5-1 goes public $1+ patrons will get access to 5-2. Then, when 5-2 is public $1+ patrons will get 5-3, and so on.

Meanwhile, the buffer is currently 10 pages ahead. 5-1 is the newest public page, but 5-11 is the newest existing page. $5+ patrons will have access to the full buffer. I try my best to keep the buffer at least 10 pages ahead, and even more if I can! But the exact length of the buffer will fluctuate. 

My goal is to give more to $1 patrons while still letting $5+ patrons have the earliest access. I tried my best to give something fair for everyone!

One more thing to note about this, next page access really means next update access. So if the next intended update is multiple pages, $1+ patrons will get access to all the pages in the next update.

Here's another example!

In this example Chapter 4 is about to end. For the finale of Chapter 4 I've planned a special 5 page update with the final 4 pages of Chapter 4 and the cover of Chapter 5. 4-186 just went public, and 4-187 is the start of a batch update. Now that 4-186 is public, $1+ patrons will get access to all 5 pages that will be going up with the batch update.

I hope this makes sense! And if you have any questions or concerns please let me know! I want to be able to provide a Patreon experience that's best for you.

A few more things to note!

Patron streams will be $1+, and I plan to do a lot more in 2019! These streams will be different things, including patron requests streams and watching me work on animations. Now that my move is over and things have finally settled down for me, I'm making it a goal to have much more frequent streams for next year.

Bonus comics and bonus material will be $5+. I still want to provide bonus comics exclusively to patrons! But this will continue to be a $5+ reward. I have a lot of fun ideas, and again now that things have finally settled down I will be working hard to provide more bonus material.

A patreon discord channel is coming in 2019! This one's not quite ready yet unfortunately! But one of the very first things I'll be doing in the new year is working on getting a Blonde Sunrise discord server set up. Patrons will get special access in this server, including an exclusive channel. More information to come!

These are the big changes for 2019! And again, all of these changes will be implemented January 1, 2019. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Thank you so much for everything! And here's to an exciting 2019!! ♥