Changes to tiers and rewards

Dear patrons,

If you have already listened to Episode 623 you heard that we are getting back into the Patreon game to hopefully help us travel a little more next year for our 15th anniversary. The biggest change is that we are shifting from "per episode" to "monthly". This is tied to two reasons: 

  • 1) with VerySpatialTV coming back (and a couple of other ideas being discussed), we will have more episodes again, and I don't want to swamp anyone who is backing us, and 
  • 2) I have been terrible at actually taking what you all have pledged, and moving to monthly makes that an automated process (Why is the most self-deprecating person in charge of connecting with patrons? Whose idea was that? Oh yeah, mine...).

Since we are going monthly, the tiers have changed. Those of you at $3 per episode are now at $3 per month, which is "thanks for backing", and those at $5 per episode are (as you guessed) at $5 per moth, which is now our social media shoutout tier.

That said, if all of you will give me your physical address and your shirt size I would like to send you some items to thank you for backing us for so long...even when I didn't take your money.

Finally, I think the first round of monthly support will be billed at the beginning of September, so if you want to adjust your support, now is the time. Head over to to make any changes.

Again, thank you for your support!

Jesse (and the rest of VerySpatial)

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