Changes to Reward Tiers
Hey guys, I just wanted all of you to know about some changes I made to my reward system, just to separate audience levels a bit. 

For example, people who would want to see early access episodes might not necessarily want to see a shirtless hunk drawing. So I changed the pricing of each reward tier so that only viewers who want to see more mature art from me will see it, and the others don't have to see it.

Sorry if this complicates things, but I really hope this will organise things a bit better. Thank you so much for all the support you provide!!!!

NB: Also I want to add goals to my patreon but the goal system currently accounts for the 500+ pledge of line webtoon and I kind of want to keep that pedge and the rest of your individual pledges separate. So I can't add a goal for $100 because line would have already surpassed that quota, but I'll try to see what I can do. 

And again thank you!