Changing the game one #TIP source question at a time
Antievolutionists have made the progress they have (including having supporters in state houses, Congress, & the White House) because of their ability to network better & faster than the science community responds to them.  We in the grassroots have to play a part in this process beyond just posting gifs or videos that reinforce our own perception, refusing to let any antievolutionist twaddle go unchallenged on their turf, whether its at a creationist or Intelligent Design presentation, in social media like Facebook & Twitter, or regarding legislative efforts to slip antievolutionism on the science education scene by "objective analysis" bills.  All my #TIP work is aimed to facilitate that process by pulling together a broader array of the relevant sources (science and antievolutionist) and show by practical example how to apply #TIP source methods questions to short-circuit the antievolutionists more effectively.  You may join this effort today by drawing on all the #TIP resources at and by becoming a Patron here.  Together we can make a difference!
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