Changing Hire Pricing
There's something I want to bandy about as an idea. I'm thinking of changing my pricing to better reflect the gaming market right now. Instead of groups going online and scouring the landscape for a GM, I'm finding that it's more individuals looking for a group to play in.

Because of this, instead of charging a group rate and leaving it to individuals to organise into groups, I'm going to change the pricing.

I think £10 per person per hour is reasonable. That's £30 for a standard 3-hour session per person. I recently accepted £60 for a 2-person game that lasted 3 hours.

I also think a group discount should apply, so if you're a group of 4 or more people, up to a maximum (soft maximum, so it's negotiable but advised) of 8 people, then the price drops to £7.50 per person per hour. This would be a total of £90 for a 3-hour game for 4 people, exactly the same price charged for 3 people for the same amount of time. So it's a good discount if you come together as a group and pay all together in one go.

What do people think?

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