Changing Output Modules
If you’re the type of person who scours photos of a fellow synthesist’s case to see what modules they are using, you’ll notice in my Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Double Helix videos that I’m posting tomorrow that I traded out my normal WMD Pro Output balanced output module for the new Happy Nerding Out

I still like the WMD – it has been moved to my main case, and you’ll still see it appear on a few videos I’ve already recorded but haven’t edited yet – but I’ve had problems with my particular unit temporarily losing a channel when I hit it with a big DC offset (usually from a highly resonant filter doing a bass thump). This has resulted in the occasional loss of a “take” while recording module videos, and of course would be unacceptable in a live situation. 

So I’ve been trying the Happy Nerding Out balanced output module, and so far I’ve been...well, happy! The addition of output level meters and volume controls has helped me spot when I might be clipping while recording a module video, and to easily tweak the volume as needed (which is also useful when using resonance on the Moog Mother-32, as the classic Moog filter design gets quieter as you crank up the feedback). It also has internal jumpers to change one pair of inputs to line-level (for external connections, or to loop effects back in), as well as to boost the headphone output should you be using older less-efficient headphones like AKG K141s. 

Okay – need to get back to writing up the posts that go along with the new Double Helix videos. More soon...